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Doubts on SB 276 swirl after cryptic Newsom interview

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(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

Doubts on SB 276 swirl after cryptic Newsom interview

Following energized activism, coalition opposition

LOS ANGELES—California Gov. Gavin Newsom added to the doubt and confusion surrounding Senate Bill 276 in an interview on Friday. Newsom created even more unanswered questions, which is the hallmark of this extreme and onerous bill.

Word is that almost no lawmakers fully understand what this bill will do—significantly amend SB 277 to effectively eliminate medical exemptions to mandatory vaccines that cause unavoidable side effects including grave injury and death, according to the federal law of the land and the U.S. Supreme Court—and so cannot be said to truly support it.

But it is an open “secret” that Democrat Party leadership is “whipping” this as an all-in “yes” vote on a bill that “will pass.”

It is telling that two co-authors of SB 277, state Sens. Ben Allen, D-Los Angeles, and Adrin Nazarian, D-Van Nyus, remain vocal opponents of SB 276. 

Further, it is being regularly reported by those lucky enough to be face-to-face with their lawmakers that many don’t even want to vote on this bill but feel immense pressure from their Democrat leadership and their big special interest fundraisers and donors to vote “yes.”

The vote on SB 276 will likely be the most unforgettable California lawmakers will ever cast, especially since it is based on the series of lies told to pass each escalating version of a concentrated effort to legislatively eliminate all exemptions to mandatory vaccines that carry unavoidable risk or grave injury and death. 

It’s doubtful they will appreciate this in time to save themselves years of negative constituent attention

The opposition to SB 276 has been steadily building, drawing a lot of attention and assistance from all over the country while preparing to stay the course no matter the timeline.

This comes on the heels of demonstrable outrage at the last hearing, which is exactly the fuel needed to flip the votes needed to require SB 276 be held in suspense so that the hundreds of remaining questions can be answered before our lawmakers take a vote that can and will impact them for a very long time. 

SB 276 hearing footage clearly reveals that family medical history, added to the bill at the request of many including the governor, remains totally dependent on Standard of Care, which does NOT recognize family history. But the bill’s proponents are betting the governor won’t notice. 

Conscience Coalition Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement: 

“It was unclear from this or any previous comments by the governor if he understands that although his ‘personal friend’ should have no problem getting the ‘appropriate’ medical exemption, the single mother in Watts on WIC has almost zero chance of getting one.

“The question for Governor Newsom is simple: which is better, 179 possible but unproven ‘inappropriate’ (but consistent with SB 277 language) medical exemptions, or the hundreds of California children who WILL be permanently damaged or even killed after they lose or are unable to get their medical exemptions and lack the means to move or homeschool? 

“The only good news for the few and well-connected is, it won’t be the governor’s friends’ children. Didn’t we decide ‘separate is not equal’ at some point in our history? SB 276 mandates discrimination and the governor’s comments prove that.”


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