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Startling Truth in 1986 Legislative Report on NCVIA

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SB 276 Study Assignment Focus #3:

Startling Truth in 1986 Legislative Report on NCVIA

LOS ANGELES—Conscience Coalition is continuing its series of releases to shine the light of day on specific aspects of the “study assignment” organizations fighting against Senate Bill 276 are delivering to California lawmakers to ensure they are educated about the inevitability of vaccine injuries and deaths.

On Thursday, the Coalition urged lawmakers to focus their attention on the difficult to find 1986 legislative report that reveals the startling truth about the unavoidable risk of grave injury and the “sometimes deadly-consequences” vaccines can have.

“Previously unrecognized injuries associated with vaccines have become more widely known. While most of the Nation’s children enjoy great benefit from immunization programs, a small but significant number have been gravely injured,” the report stated. “In the past, the medical problems that can be associated with the vaccines that are given to children have sometimes been overlooked.”

But Conscience Coalition Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood says these medical problems are now being hidden from parents.

“The proponents of SB 276 won’t even acknowledge the existence of a single injury in their drive to pass this extreme and unjust legislation,” said Lockwood. “They just say vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ and that anyone who questions them is crazy. But look at the legislative report that explains congressional intent behind the federal law of the land.”

The 1986 report says, “information has become available about the potential hazards of these vaccines and about the serious-and sometimes deadly-consequences they can have. This is particularly true with regard to the pertussis vaccine which is most commonly administered as part of a series of immunizations known as DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus). Severe reactions to the other vaccines have been reported as well,” the report says.

Further, Lockwood pointed to the report’s admission that there is no perfect or reaction-free vaccine on the market and that considering today’s massive amount of vaccines compared to the small amount in 1986 that children are subjected to, there is even more cause for alarm.

“While it is true that some children, because of their physical condition, are more likely to react to a vaccine, vaccine reactions are not completely forseeable. There is today no ‘perfect’ or reaction-free childhood vaccine on the market. A relatively small number of children who receive immunizations each year have serious reactions to them,” the report states.

The report also says that “it is not always possible to predict who they will be or what reactions they will have.”

Yet SB 276 will effectively eliminate medical exemptions in California. Parents will be able to read the federally mandated warnings that accompany every vaccine, but they will have no choice but to risk the chance that their child may be injured from a vaccine.

“We are seeing children injured and killed but California politicians are trying to eliminate the ability of doctors to grant medical exemptions,” said Lockwood. “They are not following what was frankly acknowledged by the vaccine makers themselves, who asked Congress to protect them from lawsuits from all the victims they continue to create.”

Lockwood added:

“We need California lawmakers to understand the violent nature of passing Senate Bill 276. The potential cost to real human lives and families is too high and children will be forced to play Russian roulette.”


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